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Outfit of the day : Navy and Yellow

Work has been crazy so pants make my life a little easier. 

My top is Banana Republic from Poshmark. But you can buy a similar one here and it’s even cuter with Pompoms on the sleeves.

My pants are from The Loft and I love them. They are happy and cheerful. They don’t have yellow anymore but Old Navy has a similar pair here for only $22.

My shoes are Michael Kors from Macy’s years ago but they have this seasons version on sale here for only $54. 

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Outfit of the day : Mint & White

Today I decided to break out the pants and do a subtle clean look. 

The top is an old Max Studio top but you can find a similar sleeveless version here for only $22.

My pants are Ann Taylor from earlier this season but you can buy them on Poshmark here

Shoes are Nine West from Macy’s. You can buy them here for only $44 in either black or beige. I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on these shoes. 

My newest jewelry obsession is green amathyst. That’s the necklace I am wearing here. 

Anything green amathyst is going to be on my Christmas list this year. 

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Nautical Navy & White. Outfit of the day. 

I am re-wearing this top from Bermuda and dressing it up a bit with some slacks for date night. 

The top is Banana Republic. It has sold out but they have this style : 

For only $30. You can buy it here. All of Banana Republic’s clearance is an extra 50% off. 

My pants are also Banana Republic. My pants are on sale for only $59 here. I love these pants. I wear them at least once a week. 

My shoes are Nine West from Macy’s. They are only $59 as well here

I love the design on the heel. 

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Outfit of the Day : Pink & White

Today I mixed up two favorites for a different look for date night with my favorite person. 

White jeans are Hudsons. You can buy them for full price at Nordstroms or you can buy them on Poshmark here. Poshmark has a ton. Most under $75. Which is amazing considering they retail for $175.

My top is Lilly Pulitzer Annabelle coral top. Poshmark has it here

Shoes are Michael Kors wedges. 

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Checked out of this week. Outfit of the day. 

Today I spiced it up with some pink plaid from Nine West. 

My blouse is Nine West from Macy’s. You can buy the black version here. This top is so flattering and cool. It’s also machine washable 🙌🏻. 

My skirt is old White House Black Market. But it’s classic. You can buy a similar style here

My shoes are BCBG that I love and wear often.  You can still get them at DSW here

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My first purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived 

I ordered this dress for the color and the sleeves, and I am glad I did. This dress does not disappoint. 

It runs true to size, I am wearing an extra small. It is a sturdy knit material so you can see my underwear line. 

You can find this dress Here in 5 other colors for only $65. If you have a Nordstrom credit card you get early access through the 20th of July and after that it’s open to everyone. 

These Sam Elderman heels are on sale here and would go perfect with the dress. 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : What I bought 

I love Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom so much I have their credit card. The best thing about Nordstrom is their return policy and their customer service. 

I work in a customer oriented industry so I appreciate and value good customer service.  

The anniversary sale has early access for Nordstrom card holders from 7/13-7/20.  I will say that I lost track of how many times their website and app crashed today. It is frustrating when you are trying to purchase multiple items and your shopping cart keeps “disappearing”. 

But I purchased 3 items for under $75 a piece, and the two shirts were under $50 a piece. The thing is with the sale you have to remember the majority is fall clothing, and I know when it’s stifling outside it’s hard to get to excited about a sweater, but $45 for a Vince Camuto sweater is hard to pass up. And thanks to their generous return policy, if that sweater doesn’t fit come October, I can still get my money back. 

This sweater was only $32. It will look great with jeans this fall, or navy slacks for work. 

I am on the fence about this Vince Camuto sweater, but I can always return it if I don’t like it.

I love the color of this dress. Not sure if it will fit or if the quality is good enough. But again, easy to return. I spent under $150 for 3 things. 


Can you be a foster parent? 

My husband and I have been married for a little over two years. We don’t have children and we haven’t tried to get pregnant. We are enjoying being childless by choice.

I have never felt a strong desire to get pregnant and carry my own child, but I have felt a desire to help a child in need. I was blessed growing up that we always had a safe home, food to eat and a good education. Not every child is that lucky. And that is what it comes down to in America. It’s uncomfortable to think about all the children in your city going to bed hungry, or sitting alone in their bedroom while a parent gets high.  That child didn’t do anything to deserve living like that, but they don’t have another option. A 5 year old doesn’t get to pick their mom and dad. 

And I know the negative Nancys will point out that fostering to adopt a child means you are probably getting a child that has already experienced negative events and remembers them. (Chances of getting an infant are slim)But doesn’t a 16 year old need to be loved and part of family just as much as a 5 year old? My love doesn’t have an age/race/gender/sexual orientation requirement. 

Fostering doesn’t mean smooth sailing. I am not naive to the potential challenges and difficulties, but biological children are not without their own challenges. Children are children, they don’t come with manuals. You figure it out as you go. 

I don’t have to give birth to child to be able to love and care for him or her. My husband and I have so much to offer a child, a stable house, a good education, church (if they are interested), and two people that would support and encourage that child into becoming whatever they want to be.  

I don’t know where this will lead. We are just starting to discuss it. But I know this something I want to do. The internet is frustrating with the lack of useful information. So this blog will be a journal of the process as it applies to us locally in Virginia. 

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Outfit of the Day – One Shoulder Top

I bought this top from Banana Republic to wear on vacation in Bermuda. I got it for $15 and I love it. It’s good quality material and very flattering. 

The ruffle adds a feminine detail and the stripes make this perfect for the beach. 

I paired it with navy chino shorts from Jcrew but this would also be perfect with white jeans.

You can still buy this shirt here for only $25.  The 3 inch Jcrew chino shorts in navy are on sale here for $29. I wear these all summer long. Very flattering and can be dressed up or down. 

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Bermuda 2017

This is the view from the balcony off our bedroom. 

My husband and I decided to book a trip to Bermuda. We left on Friday and came home on Tuesday. It was the perfect little get away. We rented an Airbnb in Hamilton Parrish on the Hamilton sound, and rented mopeds from Oleander Cycles to get around. 

Day One:

We left Richmond at 6:40 am and got to Boston a little after 8 am.  Richmond doesn’t have very many direct flights so you get used to layovers. We flew Delta. They are our preferred airline. Maybe not always the cheapest but their customer service is 👌🏻, and when you fly often this is important. At least to us. We left Boston around 10:30 and landed in Bermuda by 1:30pm. It was an easy one hour flight. Bermuda is one hour ahead of east coast time. 

The apartment we rented was stunning. Very clean and modern. And our host was very responsive. We paid about $200 a night which is very reasonable considering the location and how much space we had. 

Our bedroom opened up right onto the balcony which was perfect for enjoying the breeze in the evenings.

Our moped were not scheduled to be dropped off until 4 pm and we were starving, so we decided to make the ten minute walk to the Swizzle Inn. 

This is their signature Rum Swizzle. I didn’t particularly care for it, but I don’t like alcoholic beverages that have a ton of different liqors and juices.

This drink was more my speed. 

And of course we had to get the mandatory “Swizzle Inn Swagger Out” tshirts. 

Our mopeds arrived around 4pm and ergot a brief lesson before we were sent on our way. Bermuda doesn’t allow rental cars so you can either rent a moped, take the bus, or get a taxi. We wanted the freedom to come and go as we pleased so we rented mopeds.

It is unnerving at first. The roads are narrow and curvy. We started with two single seaters but ended up with a double because my husband wanted to drive faster then I wanted to go.  We rented from Oleander Cycles and they were easy to work with. The delivered the mopeds and picked them up. They were very accommodating when we decided to switch to a two seater in the middle of the Day. 

We ended the day with checking out Tucker’s Point. It’s a golf community that’s right on the beach about 8 minutes from our Airbnb. 

Day 2:

We started our day with breakfast at The Loren, Pink Sand Resort.

We are a delicious breakfast and had a gorgeous view. This resort is stunning. We went down on the beach after breakfast and the parrot fish came right up to us.

We checked out a few more beaches after breakfast. They were all empty. At most there were 5 other people on the beaches. 

Day 3:

The Crystal Caves were right near our Airbnb so we did the guided tour. 

The formations are stunning. It is a guided tour so you get the history and background of the caves. 

These trees line the entrance to the Crystal Caves making it a very scenic entrance. 

These rock walls surrounded mermaid beach. 

Bermuda was the prettiest place I have been. And everyone is so hospitable. I ran the old railway trail every morning and I was greeted by everyone I passed. We felt very safe.