Can you be a foster parent? 

My husband and I have been married for a little over two years. We don’t have children and we haven’t tried to get pregnant. We are enjoying being childless by choice.

I have never felt a strong desire to get pregnant and carry my own child, but I have felt a desire to help a child in need. I was blessed growing up that we always had a safe home, food to eat and a good education. Not every child is that lucky. And that is what it comes down to in America. It’s uncomfortable to think about all the children in your city going to bed hungry, or sitting alone in their bedroom while a parent gets high.  That child didn’t do anything to deserve living like that, but they don’t have another option. A 5 year old doesn’t get to pick their mom and dad. 

And I know the negative Nancys will point out that fostering to adopt a child means you are probably getting a child that has already experienced negative events and remembers them. (Chances of getting an infant are slim)But doesn’t a 16 year old need to be loved and part of family just as much as a 5 year old? My love doesn’t have an age/race/gender/sexual orientation requirement. 

Fostering doesn’t mean smooth sailing. I am not naive to the potential challenges and difficulties, but biological children are not without their own challenges. Children are children, they don’t come with manuals. You figure it out as you go. 

I don’t have to give birth to child to be able to love and care for him or her. My husband and I have so much to offer a child, a stable house, a good education, church (if they are interested), and two people that would support and encourage that child into becoming whatever they want to be.  

I don’t know where this will lead. We are just starting to discuss it. But I know this something I want to do. The internet is frustrating with the lack of useful information. So this blog will be a journal of the process as it applies to us locally in Virginia. 


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