How I met my Husband

I have been married To my husband for a little over two years, and we have been together for a little over for years. I gave touched on why we travel and a little bit of family, but I want to chronicle how we started. 


I lived in the same apartment complex as my future husband and we end up at the same shitty bar over the course of the next few years. We are only friends and don’t even have each other’s phone numbers. 

Little did I know he had a crush on me. And he says he prayed every night for a girl like me. 


I move out of the apartment complex with my then fiance. I don’t see my now husband again for 3 years. We become Facebook friends but have no commincation. 


My ex-fiance cleans out our house and leaves. This was the best thing to ever happen to me but at the time I couldn’t see that. My now husband reaches out to me on Facebook.  We chat and he comes over. I make it pretty clear that I am not interested in hooking up. So instead he comes over and rubs my feet and we get to know each other. I am trying to put my life back together and am not really that invested in pursing any type of relationship. Yet he doesn’t give up. For my birthday he has this cake made: 

I love hedgehogs. For a guy who isn’t sleeping with you to go out of his way and pay money to have a cake made into the shape of a ridiculous animal, you just might have a keeper. 

May 2013:

We take our first trip together. We go to Emerald Isle with a bunch of his friends and have our first fight. 

But when we get home I realize I fell in love with him. 

July 2013:

At his suggestion we move in together. This is a learning curve for us.  Two very different and opinionated people living together = a lot of misunderstandings. 

Above is my first purchase for our new house – Eloise the chicken. 

January 2014

My now husband grants one of my bigerst wishes. He teaches me how to ski (or lets me run him into a tree) 

May 2014

He proposes very romantically at ten pm on a Sunday night. We had argued and I was doubting his commitment/love for me, so he goes in our bedroom and pulls out a ring.  Yes the moment wasn’t photographed and yes we were not surrounded by our friends and family, but it was genuine. It was an authentic unplanned proposal and I love him for doing it that way. 

We celebrated with a trip to Emerald Isle and set a date for May of 2015. 

February 2016:

My now husband gets me the best gift I could ever ask for. A Samoyed puppy.

Kaya is my baby and I am not ashamed to say has her own Instagram account. And my husband who isn’t particularly fond of dogs is wrapped around this little ball of fur’s paw. 

May 2, 2015

We get married with 20 mostly family guests. 

My only regret – that we didn’t elope. 

And we honeymooned in Saint Thomas. 

Not every prince has a crown. My prince has a big heart and the ability to make me feel loved and cherished. 


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