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What’s in my Cart : Banana Republic 

I might be a little bit addicted to Banana Republic. All of those outfits above are from there. And I just ordered 3 more pieces online with the justification that I need vacation clothing for Bermuda. One of the many reasons my husband I have seperate bank accounts. It allows us to live our daily lives without questioning the other person’s spending habits. 9 times out of 10 I only keep one thing out of my online orders or send it all back. 

Reasons I consistently shop at Banana Republic:

1. Fit – their clothes generally true to size. Very important when ordering online. 

2. Quality – I have some of their clothes from over 5 years ago that I wear regularly and they still look new.

3. Prices – they are always running sales and if you are a card member you usually get an additional % off. Today my purchases were 60% off. I recommend that if you find a brand you love, get the rewards credit card. The perks are usually worth it. For online shopping affects the free shipping alone is fabulous. 

I bought this dress to take to Bermuda. You can buy it here. I am worried about the fabric wrinkling and if it is too sheer. But I only paid $35 so if doesn’t work it’s going back. But this with some Jack Rogers has beach written all over it. 

I bought this dress because it was on sale for $38 and I got another 60% off that price. You can buy it here. I am not sure how the shoulders will fit but this too can be sent back and for $16 if it fits that’s a spectacular deal for a quality black dress. 

I bought this top with the intent to wear it in Bermuda.  You can buy it here for $25 or take an additional 60% off if you have a Banana Republic credit card. I think this top will be really cute but I have no shorts so if I don’t find a pair of shorts this might be going back. 
***pictures are not my own. Taken from brand website. 


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