Why we travel and the realities of marriage. 

My husband and I have been married for a little over 2 years.  That is almost 1,000 days of togetherness. Endless loads of laundry, dinners cooked and often eaten apart, bills, petty arguments that turn into grudges, and days that never have enough hours to do it all.  

That is not saying we don’t make the most of small moments together. My husband makes my coffee every morning. I rub his back every night, we have date nights. But it’s hard to push aside the stress of responsibilities during the day to day grind. 

When we travel we have the best time. There are no deadlines, laundry or errands. We get to just enjoy each other’s company. And maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is. 

For the first two years we were together we didn’t take any solo trips. It was always with family or friends. And while that is fun, there is no room for romance or bonding time. You have to make time for just the two of you.  Right now we try to alternate, one trip just the two of us, one trip with family or friends. It’s a balance that works for us. 

When my husband and I travel I don’t :

– Workout. I take the chance to actually wake up next to my husband and enjoy early morning snuggles. If we both wake up early I might run while he watches the sunrise, but I don’t stress about getting a workout in. 

– Watch what I eat. I eat healthy portion sizes but generally I eat whatever food is local and allow myself to indulge in treats.

– Follow a routine. I try to get out of my daily routine and just enjoy each day and whatever activity we are currently doing. I don’t have to follow set meal times or worry about cramming everything in. 

– Stay attached to my IPhone. I try not to be so focused on capturing the perfect picture that I miss the beauty of the moment. 

Trips in 2017 that are booked so far :

1.  January – Snowshoe. Just the two of us.

2. February- Snowshoe. Family and friends. 

3. March – Bahamas. Just the two of us. 

4. July – Bermuda. Just the two of us.

5. July – Emerald Isle. Friends. 

6.  September- Charleston. Family 

That is all we have booked right now. I am sure there will be more. Some of those trips are low budget. Some are a little more pricey. We do a good mix of both. 

I will be doing a post on what / how I pack to fit everything in one suitcase and a post detailing our Bermuda trip. 


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