Walmart Beauty Box Review

For $5 Walmart will send you their beauty box once a quarter. Considering you can drop $5 at Starbucks without batting an eye I thought this was a pretty good deal. 

It shipped and arrived within a week of ordering one, so they get an A for timeliness. 

And honestly I like they ways it’s packaged. It all fits in that box

Now I am not sure what I was expecting but I was hoping for at least one piece of makeup in my box. But it was all generic body care. 

This is not the subscription service to use if you are looking for high end or unique products. 

Travel sized shampoo and conditioner. Now I will say buying travel sized hair products costs almost $5 so that right there pretty much paid for the 📦. However having said that I only use my Davines shampoo and conditioner and I store some of it in TSA approved travel containers so that I can take it with me. There is nothing wrong with this particular brand, I just won’t be using it.  The full sized (13 ounces) of these products are $5-$9 a piece. 

Now this product I will use. I love John Frieda and this product is perfect for travel. We travel to a lot of beaches and my hair is frizzy due to the salt and humidity. The product is light and does not leave your hair greasey.  The full size version is around $6 so pretty affordable. 

I am always skeptical of facial cleansers. I stick to cetaphil lotion and Johnsons baby wash. But my face and chest are actually breaking out a little due to the warmer weather so I thought I would try this. The scent is very light citrus and the baking soda gives it a gritty texture. I am not sure if it will actually make a difference and I wouldn’t have purchased it on my own but since I have it I am going to give it a try.  The retail cost of a full sized container is $6.50.  Personally I wouldn’t pay that for a face wash. 

I always keep mini deodorant with me and Dove is one of the brands I wear and I have bought this scent in the past so this product will get used. I love Docd deodorant because the scent isn’t overwhelming.

This is a product I will never even try. Unfortunately I have very sensitive teeth so I only use one kind of toothpaste. Anything that promotes whitening seems to make my teeth even more sensitive.

These were thrown in as “free” samples and I wish they had sent more. My face gets really dry and my skin peels. These products are perfect. They moisture and the smell is fantastic. I don’t know if I would buy these products but I enjoyed the samples. 

So I received:

– Shampoo and Conditioner (Won’t use)

– Toothpaste (Won’t use)

– Deodorant ( Will use)

– Face cleanser ( Will use)

– Hair Product ( Will use)

Overall I got my $5 worth but I do wish there was at least one piece of makeup. 


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