What I am Buying

This post is a little round up of my favorite purchases from this spring. 

I bought this hand bag and am in love with it. I get so many compliments. I am a sucker for Kate Spade.  You can buy it here.

This was a gift but it’s still one of the favorite things purchased this spring. It’s on sale here for $36. Since I workout at home it’s a must. I use this everyday in one variation or another. 

These were also a gift but I have been wearing them everyday. You can buy them here

These pants were a birthday gift and I love them. I love the lace up look. I normally hate yoga pants but have found myself wearing these frequently and out in public. You can buy them here. As you can see they are on sale right now. 

I have been wanting this picture frame ever since we got one for my inlaws. I spend 8 hours a day in my office so to be able to see all my pictures instead of just the 5 I currently have framed is really nice. Plus it gives people sitting in my office something to look at. The set up is very easy and it can hold 15,000 pictures so it’s going to take a long time to fill it up.  You can buy it at Walmart here


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