Bold & Beautiful in Blue

Another gorgeous day in the RVA, another easy outfit day. 

This is a Calvin Klein dress I got at Macy’s years Ago and it has worn so well. 


This is the same material with a great color pattern. 

My shoes are my classic Michael kors.

Shoes: https://www.google.com/search?q=black+michael+kors+sandals&start=60&sa=N&biw=375&bih=559&tbs=cat:187,pdtr0:871889%7C872262,pdtr1:924868%7C924880,color:specific,color_val:black,vw:g,init_ar:SgVKAwi7AUoKUggI0Zs1IMaeNUoKUggIxLk4INC5OA%3D%3D,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=simvn&srpd=10127865055034178324&prds=epd:15668260682168698397,cdl:1,cid:13982702276058145639&ved=0ahUKEwiu9Yjvhp_TAhUf3YMKHYyhDlk4PBCBNgjoBA


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