4 days in Nassau, Bahamas

My husband and I just got back from a 4 day weekend in the Bahamas. It was a much needed vacation. 

Above is a picture of the house we rented through Airbnb. We spent about $500 for 3 nights. We had our own pool pictured above. 

Since we had never been to the Bahamas we took a chance on booking a house we had never seen in a place we had never been. But we picked a house that had been reviewed and took a chance that it was in a good part of the island. As a rule we don’t rent houses that have no reviews on Airbnb. That is just our personal preference.

We stayed in New Providence in the Bahamas in a neighborhood call Winton Heights.  Our neighborhood was not gated but our house had gates over the doors and windows. This appears to be standard in the Bahamas. There are a lot of stray dogs but I went for a run every morning and did not have any problems. A lot of locals carry a big stick when exercising outside and if we had stayed longer I would have as well. 

This is the sunrise from a little beach two blocks from our house. 

Crime : 

We did not have any problems. We did always lock our car and house, but when we were out and about we never felt like we were in danger or in an unsafe area. Now keep in mind we did not go out after dark. When we travel outside of the country we make it a rule to be back at the place we are staying by nightfall. But I took an hour run every morning in the pre-dawn hours and never felt unsafe. Prior to our arrival we heard stories about people being pick pocketed and violence but we experienced nothing but hospitality. 


We rented a car. It was $300 for 4 days in a little Suzuki suv. But apparently just because you make a reservation for a rental car, that does not guarantee you get one. The girl at Budget told us they regularly run out of cars. My only advice is to try and book an early flight, You do drive on the left side of the road but it really isn’t hard to adjust. Most rental cars have signs on the windshield to remind you and there are signs. I can say that Bahamians don’t have much use for the posted speed limit. They tend to go any slows they feel appropriate. They also have a good deal of roundabouts instead of traffic lights. They aren’t hard to master but you have to be alert. Traffic moves at an almost frantic pace.  My husband navigates and I drive. Google maps works wonderfully and we never got lost while traversing the island. 

Money :

American money is good there, but they also have their own currency. Bahamian currency. One American dollar = one Bahamian dollar so there is no adjustment rate.  But when making change at local stores and restaurants you have to ask god American money or they will automatically give you Bahamian money as change.  Everything is expensive in the Bahamas. Gas is $4-$6 a gallon, ciggerettes $11 a pack, a bottle of water $2-$4. All major stores take credug csrds but when doing any transactions with locals you need cash. 

Cell phone :

The Bahamas is considered intetnational so you will need to amend your phone plan to include international if you wish to use it there. We have AT&T so we did the international day pass for $10 a line that allows you to use data/text/voice each day you are there. And you only pay for the days you use so if one day you don’t use your phone all, you don’t pay the $10 for that day. But you do have to call and get AT&T to add the international day pass before you travel. Even with the international day pass our service was spotty. We could text fine, but uploading data could be slow and reception was poor for phone calls. But since we use our phones to navigate this was a must.

Things to do:


We went to Atlantis for a morning just to walk around and check it out. 

While the resort it’s self is gorgeous, the beach was small and the surf was rough. The resort has multiple pools and a water park. The aquarium inside the resort is neat to check out but at 9 am in the morning this place was already crowded. We had breakfast at Poseidon’s table and it was $90 with tip for breakfast for two with no tip. 

The Caves:

The caves are located along West Bay Street and simply called the caves. 

You simply climb down in the hole and that puts you in the main chamber. You can then go a short distance into the cave. Fruit bats hang upside down from the ceiling. 

Love Beach :

A free beach with a little shack restaurant/bar, and a view of the planes coming in to land. It’s a very nice stretch of beach and fairly quiet.

Clifton Heritage Park:

This is the only beach we paid to access. It’s a national park and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s $10 per person and then $10 per car to drive back to the beach. So we spent $30. 

This park has multiple trails that you can drive down that lead to beaches and it has a tiki shack/grill where we got delicious jerk chicken. This beach has amazing views and was secluded even though it was fairly busy. You could also do an ATV tour through the sand but we did not do that. 

All in all we had an amazing time and plan to go back around thanksgiving. 


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