Flower Power Monday


Today’s outfit features a dress from Banana Republic I have had for years and it has held up to being worn at least a dozen times a season, and my favorite Michael Kors sandals that I wear at least once a week from March through October. Pieces like that I do not mind spending a little bit more money on if I will wear them more then once or twice.

Dress : https://www.anntaylor.com/tulip-flare-dress/429523?skuId=22624444&defaultColor=1306&colorExplode=true&catid=cata000012

This is a very similar dress from Ann Taylor that I have actually purchased and am waiting to receive.

Shoes : https://poshmark.com/listing/Michael-Kors-black-gladiator-strappy-leather-heels-56d9671f6a5830a75b013a0f?utm_source=gdm&gdm_bottom=false&campaign_id=751151721&utm_campaign=751151721&enable_guest_buy_flow=true&gclid=CIuPldvg99ICFZCCswod8LMFwg

These are my exact shoes from sale on Poshmark. If you wear a 9.5 buy these shoes. I get compliments everytime  I wear them.


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