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I bought my first Pair of Spanx – and I liked it!

I broke down and bought a pair of Spanx Luxe blackout tights. Not because I wanted to suck anything in, although that is a nice perk. But because I was tired of wearing tights that sagged and stretched and looked sloppy.  I wear a lot of skirts & dresses to work in the winter time, and at a certain temperature bare legs are just not an option.

I wore the spanx all day. You could not see their waist line under my dress, they did not sag, or fall down or look sloppy. They were actually a little warm which is a plus, and they were pretty comfortable. Best of all, all day long I got comments on my legs. I bought mine on Poshmark because I could not stomach $38 that Nordstrom was asking. You can also get them on Amazon for around $25 depending on color.

They size based on height, and for the right fit, you have to follow the height chart.



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