Let your colors shine.


I love bright colors. Let me brighten up an outfit with a pop of color.

Jacket : https://poshmark.com/listing/Michael-Kors-Blazer-569c1cfa6d64bca39d047341?utm_source=gdm&gdm_bottom=false&campaign_id=673701262&utm_campaign=673701262&gclid=CMHjt6Wg_s8CFU4HhgodnZkOeA

Shirt underneath : https://poshmark.com/listing/NWT-Banana-REPUBLIC-Neon-Green-top-57fd65f42ba50a2b3a02d74a?utm_source=gdm&gdm_bottom=false&campaign_id=673504933&utm_campaign=673504933&gclid=CL2xnb-g_s8CFQVehgodVb0H6g

Jean : Now these are my beloved “Dojos” made by 7.


$200 but these jeans are 3 years old and get worn weekly. They are worth every penny.



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