Burn Baby Burn. The Orange Theory Experience.



I am a fitness fanatic.  By this I mean I enjoy any kind of exercise and I love trying new things. I sit on my butt eight hours a day, five days a week so I jump at the chance to do something active. When I heard about Orange Theory opening a studio a mile from my house I had to give it a try. I signed up before they even started construction.

Now I consider myself to be in decent shape. But this workout is what you make it. So it really is for all fitness levels. Now the drawback for beginners is that there is not a lot of hands on direction from the trainers when it comes to modifications, and proper technique/form.

Orange Theory’s workout is based solely on your heart rate. You buy a heart rate monitor when you sign up. The goal is to get your heart rate in the orange or red zone for at least 12 minutes during your workout.  Trust me out of a class of thirty some people, we all got our heart rates in the red to orange zones more then 12 minutes in 60 minutes.

Disclaimer, your workout data is not private. Everybody’s name and heart rate monitor data is displayed on multiple flat screen TVs around the studio. You can see everyone’s heart rates, calories burned, current heart rate zone, and how many times they have been in the orange/red zone. For me this is great. I am a competitive person so I will push myself to do better then my peers.

How a workout is set up :

  • 1 hour
  • Divided into 2 segments
  • 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill. Here is where you detirmine how much you will push yourself. The have a base pace, a push pace, and an all out pace.
  • 30 minutes of rowing and free weights/plyometrics.


  • Intense one hour. A lot of bang for your buck. This is definitely not social hour.
  • There is no guess work about what you are supposed to be doing. The instructor is very clear on what exercise you are currently doing and what is coming up.
  • Ability to push yourself at your own pace.
  • Pumped up atmosphere.


  • The music can be loud. I enjoy loud music while working out but it does make it hard to focus on what the instructor is saying.
  • The classes are too large and too fast paced for individual guidance. This could be a intimidating for someone new to working out. Chances are no one is going to make sure you have proper form when squatting or are using the correct weight for curls.
  • The workout structure does not vary, so I could see how over time the workouts could get repetitive.
  • Expense. 8 classes a month runs me $89.

I enjoyed my experience and I will be utilizing Orange Theory during the winter to differentiate my training.  fullsizerender-1



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