Why you should read my blog.

I am not really anybody special or interesting. I won’t be writing about current events, politics or god forbid religion.  I just want a place to share outfits, places to shop and things that make me smile. If I could just post pictures of my fluffy beast and pass that off as a blog  I would. But since no one cares about my dog other then me, I am going to try and do an outfit a day with links to buy similar pieces.

I have always been a clearance shopper, but I got into the habit of buying shirt because it was $10, or $15 and I would probably wear it at least once, so it was a good deal.  This created a closet full of $15 shirts I did not actually enjoy wearing. They didn’t fit right, or I didn’t have anything to wear with them. And this is not just shirts, this was every piece of clothing I owned.

I decided to pull every piece of clothing out of my closest and drawers. Throw it in a pile on the floor and slowly go through piece by piece.  Three piles : Donate/sell, keep, and re-evaluate.  As I sorted my clothing, everything I had not worn in the last 6 months were in the donate/sell pile. Everything that did not fill perfectly, and everything that did not have something to match it, went in the donate/sell pile.  Everything I loved and wore often or had an outfit to go with it, went in the keep. The re-evaluate pile was for anything that fit but I wasn’t sure I had a need or a way to use it. This greatly reduced my wardrobe but it left me with a closet full of clothing I actually wore.

Over the past two years I have slowly built my wardrobe back up. I have rules for purchasing :

  1. I must LOVE it.
  2. It must fit. Right now. Not for if I manage to lose 5 pounds. (I am short so hemming does not count).
  3. See rule #2, I always get my pants hemmed. Nothing looks sloppier then pants/jeans that are too long.
  4.  I must have a reason/place to wear that outfit.
  5. I must have have a whole outfit. No more buying skirts in the hopes of finding a shirt.
  6. Know what works for you. And what does not. You can buy a $100 dress and have it tailored, but if it does not flatter your body shape you wasted your money.  Stand in front of a mirror and figure out what you love about your body. And then buy clothes that show those parts off.

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